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The best websites in the business

- a complete service for local businesses

Relax, you can leave everything to us. We design and create the website’s content, analyse your traffic and keep the site continuously updated so it never feels tired or out-of-date


Designed by pros

We take the photographs, write the content and design the website. We have all the expertise in-house and everyone in our team is among the very best in Sweden in their field

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More visitors and the highest possible conversion rate

With Thatsup Web your website will receive more visitors and our websites are always designed to ensure as many visitors as possible become actual customers. Obviously we use the latest SEO standards.

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Regular updates

You never need to think about building a new website again. We’ll ensure that your website is always up-to-date, with the latest cutting-edge technology.

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Mobile dashboard and a dedicated contact person

You will have access to an admin dashboard, which works extremely smoothly even on your mobile phone, through which you can easily manage your website, updating texts, price lists, opening hours and more.

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Statistics and analysis

We make everything on the site “trackable” to enable you to see what your users are doing on the website and where your traffic is coming from.

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No start-up cost, no fixed contract

Because we don’t charge a start-up fee or have fixed-period contracts there is very little risk involved. Reverting back to your old website takes just 5 minutes.

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Frequently asked questions

We understand you'll probably have a lot of questions, so we've answered the most frequently asked ones

Why do you charge a monthly fee instead of a one-off fee?

Firstly, we don't believe building a website should involve an economic risk. Secondly, we don't think it should involve a large initial outlay, we believe it's better to spread the cost out over the lifetime of the website.

Our own-developed system, which Thatsup Web is built ont is extremely advanced and enables us to build websites in a cost-effective way and thereby offer great websites for a competitive price. This same system, in a slightly simplified version, is the same one you use to log in and update your website yourself. We are constantly working to develop and improve this system, so that your website is always at the cutting-edge technologically. Another important part of the monthly fee is the constant support and regular follow-up you receive. Hiring a traditional web agency would cost around the same as ten years’ worth of Thatsup Web. And ongoing services such as support and updates wouldn’t be included either.

We believe there are only advantages to this system. As most companies with computer programmes and systems have realised. We usually flip the question. Why not a monthly fee?

How do we make changes to our website?

You can change text and image content yourself through Thatsup Web’s platform. We can help you with more advanced changes, such as design, subpages etc

Are the websites search engine optimised (SEO)?

Yes! The same developers who developed Thatsup Web also developed, which is the strongest website in our branch on Google. Thatsup Web’s websites are perfectly optimised, according to Google’s latest standards, and when something is updated we’re always the first to react.

Are you a web agency?

No, we don’t call ourselves a web agency. However, there are very few things you’d get from a web agency which you won’t get from us, but lots of things you’ll get with us that you wouldn’t get from a web agency. Quite simply, with Thatsup Web you get all the advantages of a web agency, plus the cost effectiveness and strength of a SaaS service.

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  • No start-up cost
  • No fixed period
  • Dedicated contact person