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Frequently asked questions

The product

We want to add a new subpage, will it cost us anything?

Nope! 😊

How do we make changes to our website?

You can change text and image content yourself through Thatsup Web’s platform. We can help you with more advanced changes, such as design, subpages etc

What happens if we want to redesign our website in three years?

Then we’ll build a new website for you, completely free of charge. Our job is to notice when your website needs a refresh, before you notice it yourself. Having said that, we’re responsive to your needs and will update your site when you want us to. Your website should always be on the cutting edge technologically. Though obviously it’s a two-way working relationship. We can’t build a whole new website for you once a year.

We’ve changed the decor and need to have new pictures taken, can you send out your photographer again?


Can we upload our own pictures?

Of course

Who is going to design our website?

Your website will be designed by our design team, who also designed They have extensive experience of designing websites for local businesses. Their focus is always on ensuring that as many of your visitors as possible convert into paying customers.

Are Thatsup Web’s websites mobile-friendly?

Of course. More than half of your visitors are going to be using your website on their mobile phone. It’s not always easy getting a website to work as well on a mobile device as on a desktop, but we’re always very meticulous about this and we always think “mobile-first”.

Price and subscription

Do you have a start-up fee?

Not usually

Why do you charge a monthly fee instead of a one-off fee?

Firstly, we don't believe building a website should involve an economic risk. Secondly, we don't think it should involve a large initial outlay, we believe it's better to spread the cost out over the lifetime of the website.

Our own-developed system, which Thatsup Web is built ont is extremely advanced and enables us to build websites in a cost-effective way and thereby offer great websites for a competitive price. This same system, in a slightly simplified version, is the same one you use to log in and update your website yourself. We are constantly working to develop and improve this system, so that your website is always at the cutting-edge technologically. Another important part of the monthly fee is the constant support and regular follow-up you receive. Hiring a traditional web agency would cost around the same as ten years’ worth of Thatsup Web. And ongoing services such as support and updates wouldn’t be included either.

We believe there are only advantages to this system. As most companies with computer programmes and systems have realised. We usually flip the question. Why not a monthly fee?

What happens to our website if we cancel the service?

If for some reason you decide to end your contract, we will close down your website. Another option is that you go back to your old website, which takes five minutes to implement, or you might already have a new website you want to change to.

We want to “buy out” our website, can we?

Buying your website, and thereby the system on which it operates, is unfortunately not technically possible as your website is based on our own-developed SaaS system, which is continuously updated.

Do you have a fixed time-period contract or notice period?

No fixed-time contract. 3 months’ notice period.

Why is there a three month notice period?

We want to work with serious customers who believe in our product. A customer who isn’t prepared to risk a three month notice period isn’t our target customer group. The economic risk in developing a website in “the traditional way” is far higher. We value long-term working relationships in everything we do.

Technical Questions

Does Thatsup provide email hosting?

We don’t have our own email service, but we can help you set up your email with Google for Business.

Does Thatsup own our domain?

Usually you own the domain and direct it to our servers, which we can help you with. If you want us to own and manage the domain for you, we can do that for a small administrative fee. If you ever want to end your partnership with us, we’ll transfer the domain ownership over to you.

Which CMS do Thatsup Web’s websites use

The websites use our own-developed CMS, which is created to be as easy-to-use and effective for local businesses as possible.

Are the websites search engine optimised (SEO)?

Yes! The same developers who developed Thatsup Web also developed, which is the strongest website in our branch on Google. Thatsup Web’s websites are perfectly optimised, according to Google’s latest standards, and when something is updated we’re always the first to react.

Can you integrate our booking system into the website?

Of course

Can you integrate our email marketing program (for example Mailchamp)?


Anything else

Are you a web agency?

No, we don’t call ourselves a web agency. However, there are very few things you’d get from a web agency which you won’t get from us, but lots of things you’ll get with us that you wouldn’t get from a web agency. Quite simply, with Thatsup Web you get all the advantages of a web agency, plus the cost effectiveness and strength of a SaaS service.

How can you maintain such a competitive price if the product is as good as you say?

Instead of building 1000 systems for 1000 different websites, we use one and the same system for all the websites we build. So, quite simply, all our customers share the cost of development, which means we can offer our service much more cheaply than others. We have systemised everything, but without losing any of the personal and flexible elements. Building a website that’s as good as those Thatsup Web provides but for a fixed price at a web agency would cost you more than 10 years’ worth of Thatsup Web. And none of the ongoing services, such as support, updates etc, that we offer would be included.

Does Thatsup Web exist outside Sweden?

Physically, we only exist in Sweden, but our system exists in both Swedish and English. You can have your website in the language you wish. As long as you can speak English, Thatsup Web can work anywhere, although face-to-face meetings become harder the further from Stockholm or Gothenburg you are. But that’s not exactly a problem these days. 👩‍💻

What do you need from us in order to build our website?

Often very little, sometimes nothing. A logo is good, a graphic profile even better, but it’s absolutely not a requirement. A certain type of content is sometimes needed, such as price lists etc, if you don’t already have a website we can get it from. The ideal is if we can get as much information and material as possible from you, but are given free rein to do what we think is best for your business. If you don’t have anything, we’ll make sure it works out great anyway.

I don't have a logo. Do I need one? Does Thatsup do logos?

You don’t need a logo for your website to look good. We’ll write your name in a stylish way (which most visitors will think is your logo). We don’t normally do this kind of graphic work, but it sometimes happens in special cases (for an extra fee)

Can you build a webshop/e-commerce?

Unfortunately not

What does Thatsup offer in the way of training?

You don’t really need any training but when your website is ready we usually come out to you and demonstrate the system and show you how to use it. The system is incredibly simple to use. If you need it, we can of course come back and help you further.

Can you remove the words “Powered by Thatsup”?


Interested in finding out more?

  • No start-up cost
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