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It’s really easy to change yourself, very user-friendly and the websites look great, so, quite simply, REALLY good!

Menu tool

Menu tool

Ling-Long has four different menus: lunch, dinner, tasting and drinks. In total they include some 70 different dishes/drinks.

With Thatsup’s menu tool the menus can be attractively presented and at the same time easily updated.

"I think that’s the thing I like most about it, that it’s so simple and smooth to use. It’s a bit like a Facebook update. We wanted to have the menu a particular way and you sorted it for us."

Other useful functions.


Because Ling-Long is such an aesthetically pleasing restaurant, when it comes to both the decor and the food and drink, we’ve chosen to let the pictures take up a lot of space.

One of the most stylish interiors images comes up first on the homepage, followed by a slideshow. On the subpage for Ling-Long’s chambre separée we’ve included a slideshow of gorgeous pictures of the room. We’ve also done the same thing for their inner courtyard. Finally there’s a gallery with masses of pictures which makes it impossible not to want to book a table.

Design and content

I have already recommended Thatsup Web to masses of other businesses. Because it’s so straightforward. You don’t need to think about anything. With the last website we had I worked in Wordpress with html coding. If something goes wrong, it all goes wrong. Now it feels more secure.

— Philip Von Der Groeben

Interview with Philip Von Der Groeben, Ling Long

Why did you choose Thatsup Web?

– Partly it’s a hassle dealing with websites and there wasn’t anyone here who was really good at it, so it’s great not to have to waste time on it. And it’s a really great solution.

What’s the best thing about Thatsup Web?

It’s really easy to change yourself, very user-friendly and the websites look great, so, quite simply, REALLY good!

What do you think of the admin tool? How do you find making updates yourself?

– It’s really logical and intuitive. After 5-10 minutes you can get to grips with the whole system. If you need any assistance, Fredric’s always available to help. It’s great that you can just call him.

Are you pleased with your website?

– Really pleased! It looks fantastic and it’s so simple. It’s not too much and not too little.

Why/what is it that makes you so pleased with it?

– The user-friendliness, that it looks great and that you provide good support.

Would you recommend Thatsup Web to other businesses? Why?

– Yes, I’ve already done masses! Mainly because it’s so easy to use. You don’t have to think about anything. With our last website I had to work in Wordpress which uses html coding. If something goes wrong it all goes wrong. It feels much safer now.

How would you describe the process from idea to finished product?

– Extremely smoothly. We agreed on how we wanted it from the beginning and got a first draft of how it would look. We went back and forth a little from there, but it wasn’t a long process.

How does updating the menus on the website work for you?

– Really well! I think that’s probably the thing I like most, that it’s so simple and straightforward. It’s a bit like doing a Facebook update. I wanted the menu a particular way and you sorted it.

How does updating opening hours work?

– Also extremely simply and smoothly.

Philip Von Der Groeben

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