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The simplicity is remarkable, it’s incredibly simple to work with and it’s quick. It’s much easier than Squarespace and we need a simple website, so it works really well.



Nabo wanted a dynamic website and their lively, attractive brasserie made having a stylish video on the homepage an obvious choice.

In just 25 seconds the video conveys the feeling of all aspects of Nabo: the atmosphere, different areas, the bar and, of course, the food. And it makes it completely impossible not to want to go there!

"We’re really happy with the pictures and video! They’re really professional, Fredrik is an excellent photographer."

Design and content


Nabo does a lots of marketing, mainly via Thatsup. The trackability was one of the main reasons they chose Thatsup Web.

With their new website they can see exactly how many people are booking and, most importantly, where the visitor came from. They can then easily measure the results they get from marketing themselves via a channel like Thatsup.

”It’s great that we can follow the statistics with clicks from Thatsup through to booking."

Statistics and analysis

We can absolutely recommend Thatsup Web. Primarily for the simplicity of the product.

— Andreas Höistad

Interview with Andreas Höistad, Nabo

Why did you choose Thatsup Web?

– Vi har samarbetat med Thatsup ett tag och ökat stegvis från att vi var med i mindre skala. Vi fick en bra relation och när ni presenterade Thatsup Web och fördelarna valde vi det istället för Squarespace som vi hade innan.

What’s the best thing about Thatsup Web?

– The simplicity is remarkable, it’s unbelievably easy to work with and fast. It’s much simpler than Squarespace and we need a simple website, so it works really well.

Would you recommend Thatsup Web to other businesses? Why?

– Absolutely. I think it’s great because it’s so easy to use and it’s great to be able to follow the statistics showing the clicks from Thatsup straight to bookings.

How would you describe the process from idea to finished product?

– Really good and helpful in all ways. Fredric has been a great resource, so I can’t find any faults.

Is there anything you missed on your website or that you used to miss which we’ve managed to sort out for you?

– It’s been updated and got smarter along the way. For example, we can now drag and drop pictures to rearrange them.

What do you think about the pictures our photographer took?

– We’re really pleased with them! They’re great pictures, he’s a fantastic photographer.

What are the main differences between the website we’ve built for you and the one you had previously?

–The simplicity.

Andreas Höistad

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